There is nothing more overwhelming than trying to leave for work only for your garage door not to open, leaving you stuck at home, unable to leave. It’s also stressful when you have a garage door that won’t close, filling you with worry about potential trespassers taking the valuables stored in your garage or attempting to break into your home. In both scenarios, the culprit is a garage door that won’t open or close. The question? How do you handle a garage door that won’t open or close? Luckily, you can read this blog to find out. 

How To Handle A Garage Door That Won’t Open Or Close: 4 Emergency Tips

There are quite a few ways to troubleshoot a garage door that won’t open or close. Check out these troubleshooting tips to get started and return to your regular schedule: 

1. Change Batteries

Sometimes, the technology operating your garage door needs a quick change of batteries. Whether it’s the opener itself, the remote, or the keypad, it’s worth seeing if this change makes a difference. To save time on a trip to the store, keep spare batteries in your home so you can execute this troubleshooting tip on the spot. Another part of your garage door that you’ll want to change batteries for is the transmitter

2. Check Lock Mode

Lock mode can sometimes be activated unwittingly. That’s why you want to see if you accidentally triggered it. You’ll be able to tell if the lock is activated if the garage door motor starts to run but stops before the door moves. Some garage door locks are activated by the press of a button, while others have manual locks. If you have a user manual for your garage door parts, you should be able to easily determine where the lock is and how it works.

3. Reprogram Remote

Maybe your remote is still not doing much about your garage door that won’t open or close even with a battery change. In this case, it’s worth reprogramming the remote. First, you need to disconnect your remote from the opener so you can effectively resync them. The user manual will detail specific steps to connect the opener and remote. Once reconnected, test the remote and see if it returns your garage door’s regular movement. 

garage door that won't open or close reprogram remote

4. Adjust Limit Switch Settings

You might be surprised to learn that you are overlooking one part of your garage door that affects its operation: the limit switch settings. The up and close limit switch settings determine how far up and down your garage door moves. Where the up limit switch is concerned, you will need to move it either closer to or further away from the motor. 

You will move it closer if the garage door opens, but not fully, and farther if the motor keeps running after the garage door completely opens. As for the close limit switch, this needs adjusting if the door has trouble fully closing. This adjustment will keep the garage door from falling on people. 

Garage Door Won’t Open Or Close? Trust 24 Hour Garage Door Services & Repair To Handle It!

You have just learned four emergency tips to help you handle a garage door that won’t open or close. Cleaning and lubricating springs and rollers, cleaning tracks, and cleaning and testing the safety sensors from time to time are some other ways you can address this issue. If none of these tricks and tips work, however, you can call our team in Channelview: 24 Hour Garage Door Services & Repair. Our technicians will be there to restore your garage door to normal operation in no time. All you need to do is contact us today for our thorough and efficient services.