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Garage door repairs are never a fun prospect. It means that something has gone wrong with your garage door’s operation, and it will require more than just lubricating a part, cleaning it, or readjusting it to get it back in shape. However, you can avoid dealing with excessive garage door repairs if you practice specific maintenance routines. With these routines, you can reduce the amount of time and money you’ll spend on repairs.

Garage Door Repairs: Preventative Maintenance

If you’re worried about the potential bills that might come from garage door repairs, you can take action with some preventative maintenance. Here are just a few ways to maintain your garage door.


Lubricating garage door parts will ensure that your garage door continues to work as needed for as long as possible. Silicone spray garage door lubricant can be applied to your springs, hinges, rollers, bearing plates, and rail. Ensure that you wash and dry these parts first before applying the lubricant.


Speaking of washing and drying, making time to clean your garage door tracks, opener, and additional parts will also keep your garage door’s operation in shape. You can use a vacuum or a wet rag to get rid of any dirt and debris that, if left to build up, can interfere with the movement of your garage door.


Another way to save money on repairs is by installing weatherstripping on your garage door. You will protect your garage door from the elements with this addition. Of course, to keep your garage door and the inside of your garage protected, you’ll need to keep the weatherstripping clean and replace it when it has extreme wear and tear or breaks.

When To Seek Garage Door Repairs

While these preventative measures can make a difference in keeping your garage door working, it’s good to know when repairs will be necessary. While DIY repairs sound tempting, you’ll likely find yourself spending more time and money on medical bills and hiring a Channelview garage door repair technician to fix your mistakes anyway. Here are a few instances that will require garage door repairs.

Visible Damage And Age

If your garage door appears to be sagging, is dented, or looks like it has been through the wringer, you need a professional repair service right away. This same principle applies to garage door parts. Garage door springs, for example, can be subject to wear and tear or even snap, and repairing them without the right experience can be dangerous. In short, seek a professional garage door repair service if your garage door or parts of it are severely aging or have visible damage.

Strange Noises

Another sign that your garage door needs repairs is if it produces strange noises every time it opens and closes. While certain sounds can be indicative of specific problems, having an experienced garage door technician take a look will allow for a more exact diagnosis and solution.

Continued Problems After Troubleshooting

Depending on the problems your garage door is facing, some of them can be solved yourself. In fact, if possible, you can attempt to troubleshoot some garage door problems yourself to see if that makes a difference. If, however, you’ve exhausted all troubleshooting techniques, you’ll need to call a garage door technician for the next steps as soon as possible.

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If you live in Channelview and find yourself experiencing problems with your garage door beyond your understanding or ability, all you need to do is reach out to 24 Hour Garage Door Services. Our technicians can provide repairs for any part of your garage door, from springs to panels and even the whole door. Take advantage of our 24/7 availability and return your garage door to working condition today.


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