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Do you wish you had a checklist to help determine whether your garage door is in good shape? The good news is that a garage door inspection in Channelview is a great way to check up on the state of your garage door. However, you’re probably wondering what can be expected from a garage door inspection. With 24 Hour Garage Door Service, here’s what you can expect when our technicians inspect your garage door.

Garage Door Inspection: What To Expect

A garage door inspection checklist covers nearly every part of your garage door. Here are the highlights of a typical garage door inspection with 24 Hour Garage Door Service in Channelview:

Auto-Reversal And Sensor Tests

An auto-reversal test is one major item you can expect to have checked off during a garage door inspection. This test involves placing a solid object in the garage door’s path and testing if the door reverses at contact or keeps moving downward. If the door stops and then reverses course, your auto-reversal is working.

Testing garage door sensors works the same way, with a non-breakable object being positioned in a way to get in the line of sight of the sensors. Instead of making contact, you want to see if the door even starts closing at all. If the door doesn’t close, your sensors are in good shape.

Garage Door Inspection

Balance Test

Your garage door won’t be able to function as needed if it’s unbalanced. Checking the balance of your garage door involves turning off your opener and manually moving your door to see if it remains level and easy to move. If it’s not staying level or feels lopsided, it means there’s a serious issue with your garage door that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Remotes And Buttons

If your garage door opener uses a keypad, a wall-mounted opener, or a remote, you can expect to have those devices tested during a garage door inspection.

Door, Tracks, Rollers, Springs, Cables, And Pulleys

The door itself, as well as tracks, rollers, springs, cables, and pulleys, will receive their own individual inspections from the technician on site. Inspecting these parts consists of looking for any signs of dents, breaks, and debris buildup and either addressing those issues right away or making plans to repair or replace the parts in question. You can learn more about how these parts are inspected by reaching out to our team at 24 Hour Garage Door Service in Channelview.

Cleaning And Repairing Hardware

Additional garage door hardware includes braces, hinges, and other parts. Start by cleaning and wiping away any and all dirt and debris. Afterward, see if there’s any rust that needs to be removed. Don’t forget to check for any loose hardware and screw it tight. This will also be a good opportunity to determine if any of the hardware needs to be replaced.


To see if your garage door’s weatherstripping is in good shape, close the garage door and see if any light protrudes from any weather-stripped areas. If there is light, add additional stripping. You can also check for any signs of wear, tear, damage, and debris. You can clean or replace the weatherstripping on your garage door based on what you find.

When To Book A Garage Door Inspection

Now that you know what to expect when you get a garage door inspection from 24 Hour Garage Door Service, you’re probably wondering when to book an inspection. Experts advise having your garage door inspected by a professional technician once a year so you can ensure it remains functional. If your garage door still needs to be inspected, don’t hesitate to reach out to our 24 Hour Garage Door Service team.


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